« Dear customers. So many people all over the world need help because of wars, natural disasters or other crises. Please donate to a charity you trust. Thank you so much!»


ONLINE SHOPS - finest Swiss watches

We understand that buying watches is about emotions and trust. That is why we offer customers to meet us in person (or via a videoconference tool) and - if possible - to have a look at our timepieces in real life. Contactless payments for most major debit-/credit cards are available. For every product you buy, you get a 14-day «no questions asked» return option. Please contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

We sell our products at great value for money in our own Online Shop.

The shop is hosted in Switzerland and uses a Swiss payment service.

Additionally, we offer our products for sale on the world's largest online watch market, through which we provide our costumers with a buyer protection service. By this, we are only paid once you receive your product and are happy with it. If you are interested in this additional service, please visit our Online shop at Chrono24.


« Buying a watch is about trust. Stefan and the - team understand what I want and like. »

Peter, Sweden

About us

We have been watch enthusiasts and collectors for decades. Over time, we've acquired significant knowledge about the watch business and trade. A question people often ask is 'What kind of watches do you typically offer for sale?'. Well, we believe the answer to this should be given in a video rather than in words. That is why we asked our friend, filmmaker and environmental activist Noemi Solombrino, to produce a short movie in which four classic pre-owned IWC watches are presented. The idea was also to put them into our business context, especially our efforts for more sustainability. Thank you, Noemi! Great work. Enjoy watching!

We are a part of a global network of watch traders, professional watchmakers, agents and watch collectors. We maintain excellent relationships with watch manufacturers and engineers. We are Swiss, located in the northeast of Switzerland. We speak German and English.

Our passion for fine timepieces has always been driven by the spirit for excellence in engineering and design. Our main goal is to have both, satisfied customers and an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable business.

Corporate citizenship

Sustainability is very important for us - every dimension of it. We want to do our best to lessen our impact on the environment, try to act socially responsible in the network of people we do our business in and also run our business with a focus on long-term goals rather than short-term gains and profits.

As part of our commitment, we donate 4% of all sales (note: we do mean the sum of all sales, not deducting any cost) to institutions that serve the public. Not just once. Every year.

Since we like birds a lot, we decided that the symbol of our efforts to be sustainable shall be our eagle owl - designed exclusively for us by the great artist Christel Desmoinaux (thank you so much!).

In line with this symbol, 1.5% go to the ornithological field station Greifvogelstation Irchel on a permanent basis. Andreas Lischke and his team do a great job and we hope our small contribution can make a difference for the birds there. Another 1.5% go to a charity we decide on a year-to-year basis. For 2021, we selected Doctors Without Borders. In 2022, it was Surprise, a great organisation that supports people who were put out of work and who struggle for their existence. In 2023, this money goes to Schweizer Tafel who fight food waste and poverty in Switzerland.

The remaining 1% is dedicated to projects that fight the climate crisis. In 2022, we gave this money to Caritas and in 2023, our donation goes to HEKS - Bread for all. Both organisations run dedicated projects who help people all over the world who suffer from the concequences of global warming.

Now because in 2022, we have this devastating war in Europe, we decided to donate an additional 1% of our sales to the ICRC and another 1% of our sales to the World Food Programme to help easing the indirect effects of the war in the poor countries of the world.

Contact us

Stefan Kueenzi
8267 Berlingen
| Switzerland
Swiss-UID: CHE-256.566.421

+41 78 200 25 66

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